About the West Virgina Sheet Metal Workers’ JATC

CommitteeThe Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 33 JATC is a Joint Labor-Management apprenticeship program that offers, not only free, but paid training to our apprentices.  Our industry is in need of willing young men and women with the aptitude and desire to listen, learn and become skilled sheet metal craftsmen.  The JATC selects apprentices based on qualifications without regard to sex, race or ethnicity, creed or national origin.

Recently, a rigorous review and audit was conducted to ensure compliance with stringent accreditation standards.  Having complied with the requirements in thirteen (13) categories, the International Training Institute has awarded us with a gold level accreditation.  In addition our welding shop is recognized by The American Welding Society and The Heartford Steam Boiler and is an AWS and HSB Accredited Test  Facility.  We are authorized to administer welding performance testing to welders for AWS National Certification. 


Union Representatives: Scott Mazzulli/Chairman, Jim King, Randy Gombos, Jimmie Jackson

Contractor Representatives:  Josh Tullius/Secretary-Treasurer, John Trifonoff, Brian McDonald, Brian Linville, Mark McLean, Nelson Smith